Writing rates

When I write for you, I want you to receive my best work and good value. That makes us both happy.

While some writers and editors charge by the word or the page, I normally charge by the project at rates in line with the Periodical Writers of Canada’s What to pay a writer list. (On very large continuing projects, I often contract for a specified number of days per month so everyone has clear expectations of when I’m available and working for you.)

Before taking on a project, I like to have a meeting with you to discuss the nature and scope of the project so we can set a realistic rate and time frame. Both the rate and turnaround time are determined by the amount of work involved.

  • Am I starting from scratch or fixing material someone else has written? (Hint: Sometimes the former is both easier and faster.)
  • Am I doing the research or are you providing me with all the information I should need?
  • Is the raw material in bullet points or are there multiple documents to sift through?
  • Will there be many rounds of changes or will all the required changes come to me at once?
  • Will you need me to attend meetings?

Of course, the more interesting questions are:

  • Who’s your audience?
  • What do you want people to do as a result of this communication?
  • How will you know if it worked?

We’ll talk about those things, too. I’ll put together a proposal and, if you like it, we’ll get started. The first step is to contact me.