Writing + ghostwriting

Clear, concise, purposeful written communication increases your chances of being understood. For selected clients with really cool projects, I find the words and tone appropriate for the content, the context and the audience.

Since the day I realized it might be time to take writing seriously, I’ve done about every type of non-fiction writing there is. I’ve been successful because I write in a conversational style, from the viewpoint of the audience and I know how to keep things simple.

• As a broadcaster, I’ve written TV news scripts (always tailored for the anchor who’d be reading them) and worked as a reporter, covering everything from politics and environmental issues to bubble-gum blowing contests at the local library.
• In daily newspapers, I covered city news, wrote for the lifestyle section (food, fashion, fads and fun) and was an entertainment critic and columnist.
• I’ve written dozens of magazine articles on topics as varied as a day at the spa and the international captive insurance industry and, as a magazine editor, turned many a sow’s ear into a silk purse.
• In corporate communication, my primary role has been to engage employees and help them understand change. I’ve also written for investors and consumer audiences and produced more news releases, corporate brochures and web sites than I can count.
• I’ve written articles and speeches for executives and, last I heard, one of them was still using a phrase I dreamed up for him.
• As a trainer, I’ve designed courses and learning materials for both “soft” and “hard” skills. (Then I moved into the classroom to teach them or train others to do so.)
• I’ve been published in academic and professional journals as well as consumer and special interest publications.
• My piano teacher even hired me to write lyrics for his songs.

Whether I’m writing for my own by-line, ghostwriting for you or writing for an organization, I approach every story from the audience’s point of view. I’ve spent years studying ways to get information out of one person’s head into other people’s heads – and into action.

So if you’re looking for someone who can help you put your ideas into words – or help you do it faster – I can help. Using your voice, I will focus on what’s important and translate your ideas into actionable messages your audience will understand. I help you tell your story.

Contact me to discuss your writing project and how I can help you bring it to life.